Vision and Values

values palette

We believe in the power of art to break societal barriers. We want participants and sponsors that believe in the value of extending intellectual discourse to those outside of academia and the art elite. We envision creating a space where people with open minds listen sensitively to the stories of others, with open hearts to have the courage to express themselves, and with open hands ready to create works of art, large or small.

The imagery behind Folding Table, our namesake, is that we are akin to traveling salesmen, coming to new towns and setting up our “table” to share our ideas with those who will lend an ear. It is our hope that important issues often neglected, and the various opinions of participants, are “on the table” in the course of the event’s discussions. Of course we will have to eventually pack up the table and leave, but we hope that the discussion we created in our presence continues after we have left.



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