Art is for everyone.

Within academia and the greater Western artistic discourse in general, importance is placed on those in the canonical artistic traditions. They in turn place importance on their predecessors and the select few they seem worthy of recognition. This leaves little room for other voices within that discourse, voices whose creative input is just as valid and relevant. The dialogue–and thus the future of American art–becomes stagnant when no new innovative ideas are introduced.

We strive to strip down the societal constructs that preclude various populations from actively participating in that discourse. We want to make seemingly inaccessible ideas and concepts accessible to the greater public, and to involve and engage them in stimulating exchanges that is relevant to their lives. We intend that people will continue to engage in that conversation with others, so as to continue bridging the gaps in the greater artistic discourse.

Thus Folding Table Productions was formed to create a public forum to initiate and culture inclusive discussions, via the medium of art.



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